22 Jun

TopThe List is perhaps the world’s most unsung literary form.  Consider:

They are:

1. Orderly and concise.

2. Equally capable of serving their purpose with good punctuation and grammar as without.

3. Useful.

4. For both private and public use.  While the opinion article is for public use and the journal entry for private, lists can serve us in all spheres of our lives.

5. Varied.  There are shopping lists, pro/con lists, hit lists, black lists, VIP lists, Top Ten lists, lists of qualifications, menus, checklists, lists, lists, lists.

6. Easy .  Even the marginally literate can make a list.

I could make the argument that lists are perhaps the oldest literary form.  Are the first few chapters of the book of Genesis actually a list of God’s activities in those first days (or millennia)? Moses’ book of law – yes, a big list of rules.  The Bill of Rights is another famous list.  Names on lists have meant life, or death, for millions of people throughout history.  Indexes and tables of contents qualify as lists.  There are endless lists.

This blog is dedicated to the List.  Or to be fair, to my lists.  If any dear readers have suggestions for new lists, please send me a list.


One Response to “Listless?”

  1. mom July 9, 2009 at 3:29 pm #

    things to do when you cannot fall asleep at night
    ways to show your momma how much you love her
    things to look for when you’re people watching (moles, zits, boogers in nose, strangely shaped butts, etc.)
    favorite things to put on pizza
    things you hope your parents never know you did

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