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Change of Pace

28 Oct

Upon my mother’s insistence, I am changing the theme of my blog.  Here’s why:

1. I don’t have time to make silly lists anymore.  Psh!

2.  Some friends and family back home have asked me to blog about my grad school pursuits.  This is an overwhelming thought, because it means I will have an obligation to write more than what I’m already required to write for classes.  And because it will mean synthesizing and processing information that I don’t feel capable of synthesizing and processing.

3. It seems wasteful to start a new blog for this purpose, when I already have 2 existing blogs.  Better to recycle one of them.

So from here on out, this will be where I ponder the mysteries of “development” and the challenges of extreme poverty.  I mean, I’ll probably have it all figured out by the second post anyways, right?  I’ll do my best not to be too scattered and paradoxical, despite that being the nature of the discipline (which isn’t really a discipline: the international development field incorporates a number of disciplines – economics, politics, sociology, anthropology, biology, technology, history, philosophy, philanthropy, business, ecology, geography, management…).

So mom, here you go.