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Reasons to Love Summer in Northern California

28 Jun
by Emily Frei

photos by Emily Frei

1. The Produce. One of the only pieces of information I retained from two years of Ag. Science in High School is that if California were its own country, it would be the 3rd largest agricultural-producing country in the world. It’s as true now as it was in 1999. There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a juicy peach (or cherry, or nectarine, or apricot, or plum, or slice of watermelon) purchased at a fruit stand on the side of a country highway. Or finding a way to prepare that tenth bag of zucchini forced upon you by a well-meaning friend.

by Emily Frei

by Emily Frei

2.The Heat. I know we all complain about it. But at the end of a long, hot, California day, the heat has:

  1. Given you something to chat about with the cashier at AM/PM when you bought your 3rd slushy of the day.
  2. Given you an excuse to do nothing with your free time besides float down a river, jump in a pool, or lie on the couch and watch golf.
  3. Made you actually do that thing you know you should do and never do: Drink More Water.

3. Sun Tea. The only thing as refreshing as a glass of sun tea, brewed to perfection in an old pickle jar, is a Corona with a lime in its neck.

4. The Grill. Corn on the cob, bbq chicken, a juicy tri-tip, asparagus, the 11th bag of zucchini, and even peaches.  Added plus of keeping the grill hot: your kitchen gets to stay cool!

5. Drying Clothes on a Line. Yes, your clothes are crunchy, a little stretched out, and covered in lint. Yes, the “fresh breeze” scent is a myth and exists only in Downy dryer sheets. But there’s something about using your electricity to cool things down instead of heating them up that just feels right.

6. Floating Down the River. It really doesn’t matter which river. The Merced. The American. The Tuolumne (ha!). And it even doesn’t matter that that last little bit of rapids pushed you into a blackberry thicket. The sunburn you will inevitably get, losing your sunglasses along the way – none of it matters. There are just few better ways to spend a summertime Saturday than rolling down the river with friends.

7. Floating on the Lake. Or if you can’t handle the mud, floating in a pool. Or really, just floating in a body of water.

by Emily Frei

by Emily Frei

8. Long Days. Its 8 PM and the sun’s still up! How will YOU spend the extra daylight?

9. Vacation. It may be true that the days of summer vacation are behind many of us (unless you’re a teacher), but it just feels like vacation!

10. Fishing. Admittedly, I haven’t done it in a couple of years (I have my reasons), but I love fishing. You’ll get Salmon Egg and worm slime on your hands, PowerBait glitter on your face, and fish smell on your clothes, but those are only a couple more reasons to love grabbing a pole and heading to the hills to try for your limit. Hey, those fish were put there for a reason, and it was for you to catch them and then eat them. Added plus: one more reason to love the Grill!by Emily Frei

  1. by Emily Frei